soooo in love with my new car omg


Les Miserables Edit Meme - [1/5] Colours



*tips fedora at hazel grace* m’taphor

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not really understanding this trend of taking classic films about murder, removing the female protagonist, and turning it into another angsty white dude tv show 

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Yanis Marshall Choreography “Partition” Beyonce #heels

I think it’s so important to trust yourself, and to not just follow a crowd. You have to be proud of who you are and not just be doing something because someone says that’s what you should be doing.


Here it is! The first official trailer for the film!


I don’t really diet or anything. I’m miserable when I’m dieting and I like the way I look. I’m really sick of all these actresses looking like birds… I’d rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life, than look great on screen and look like a scarecrow in real life.